Shadowmoon Valley Rares And Their Valuable Drops Plus Material Route


These rares all have around an eight hour respawn timer and may not always be up during the time you use this route. This route was created to help those who still need these rares or even want to farm them. Mining and herbalism are preferred if you plan to make gold from this route. It easily yields 5k gold per hour just from herbalism and mining.

Collidus The Warp-Watcher:

Emerald Beholder Eye – Average server Price 13,601 gold

Amethyst Beholder Eye – Average server Price 11,117 gold

Crimson Beholder Eye – Average server Price 20,609 gold

Fiery Beholder Eye – Average server Price 16,112 gold


Ambassador Jerrikar:

Illidari Bracers – Average server Price 7,359 gold

Illidari Wristguards – Average server Price 9,305 gold

Illidari Vambraces – Average server Price 839 gold

Illidari Bindings – Average server Price 376 gold



Abyssal Mail Greaves – Average server Price 7,495 gold

Abyssal Cloth Footwraps – Average server Price 7,989 gold

Abyssal Plate Sabatons – Average server Price 2,707 gold

Abyssal Leather Treads – Average server Price 12,353 gold

Materials listed on next page

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