The Guardian Stone is most commonly known for it’s dropping in Upgoro Crater, but not known what it’s used for. I remember picking these bad boys up all the time about 10 years ago. Posted them on the auction house just because and they sold.

Now that my gold making experience has gotten better over the last few years. I know what the Guardian stones are used for. There are 7 different crafting recipes that require a good some of the stones.

Those are:


6 Lava Core>6 Fiery Core>10 Arcanite Bar>6 Dark Iron Bar>12 Guardian Stone

Obsidian Main Tunic:

15 Large Obsidian Stone>36 Small Obsidian Stone>12 Enchanted Leather>10 Guardian Stone> 4 Azerothian Diamond

Argent Boots:

6 Bolt of Runecloth>4 Enchanted Leather>2 Guardian Stone>2 Golden Pearl>2 Ironweb Spider Silk>

Argent Shoulders:

5 Mooncloth>2 Guardian Stone>2 Ironweb Spider Silk

Dawn Treaders:

30 Rugged Leather>2 Guardian Stone>4 Essence Of Water>2 Rugged Hide>2 Rune Thread

Golden Mantle Of The Dawn:

8 Enchanted Leather>4 Guardian Stone>4 Essence Of Water>2 Essence Of Life>2 Rune Thread

Hammer Of Titans:

50 Thorium Bar>15 Arcanite Bar> 4 Guardian Stone>6 Enchanted Leather>10 Essence Of Earth.


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