The rares you will be farming here are the following with their most EXSPINSIVE drops:

Silithid Harvester-

Snort the Heckler-


Azzere the Skyblade-


Heggin Stonewhisker-

Malgin Barletbrew-

Digger Flameforge-

Captain Gerogg Hammertoe-

Geopriest Gukk’rok-

Swinegart Spearhide-

Southern Barrens also holds some pretty good transmog farming locations aside from the rares and chests you may find while progressing through the zone. Starting from the top Northern part of the zone. We will list off the transmog locations known and shared on YouTube by Golden Routes and a few other Youtubers that wish to contribute.

Hunter Hill-

Hunter hill isn’t only a good transmog farming location. Bring your skinner and possibly as friend as well. There will be around 7 raptors within close proximity of each other. They are set on a force respawn because they are in fact quest mobs! This means for some good transmog drops and heavy leather. For those who don’t know. Heavy leather is selling for a ton at the moment so get out and gather it!

Decolation Hold-

For this location. You must be a member of the Alliance as these are horde mobs. To start the infinite waves of terror and transmog you will have to kill a mob underneath the tree near the camp. You must be flagged for this. Be on the look out for Horde players trying to kill you. You have been warned.


Picture a location with just a ton of mobs in a very small area. Maybe 50 or so mobs within seconds of each other. Well this is your location! These goblins have been caught carrying some pretty interesting and pricy transmog set pieces. Aside from that. A good amount of cloth as well.

Bael Modan-

This location is actually pretty interesting. Pretty sure it’s another Alliance only farm, though, not 100% on that. there will be troggs scattered about in the digsite located there. Probably 10 or so mobs in total. They are set on a force respawn meaning good news for transmog farmers.

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