Weekly Gold Recap BfA Professions Ranked Which Will Make The Most heading into BfA WoW Gold Guide

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I had a lot of work to do this week outside of the channel so didn’t get enough time to actually farm and or post auctions. Mostly just enough time to keep videos up every day then off to something else. However, because of this, I decided to share with you guys a little information over what I’ve learned in Beta so far.

Based off my opinion I’ve made a list over which professions I feel will make the most gold. At least during the beginning of Battle for Azeroth’s release. There is more information I would love to go over, however, that will be in later videos as more information comes available to me.

From just testing the 3 gathering professions. I’ve learned that herbalism will more than likely take top place in this expansion. Blizzard has changed the way professions work making alchemy a must have at some point and time for most other professions. Alchemists will be able to make a BoP rare items used in a lot of other recipes from other professions.

This gives Herbalists a large demand for the herbs that transmute requires. Rather people farm their own herbs or not, they will still have a huge demand. Unlike the ores and Leathers for this expansion. Though, if things stay the way they are skinning will actually take take over mining this expansion, possibly. Leatherworkers are given I believe it was 3-4 Epic pieces to craft with a decent amount of leathers. Which that’s a known fact already, the epics aren’t what really caught my eye. Although, they are BoP epics They don’t have a level requirement. This means the leather used in those recipes will have high demand for a short time.

Mining is pretty interesting actually. Mostly because jewelcrafters don’t need to use a large amount of the ores this expansion to make any gold. In fact. If things go just right. You should be able to craft a ring for only 7 ores in total. Not just any ore, the most common one, Monolite! This means a Monolite shuffle will be coming as soon as the game is live 😉

If you are a Blacksmith, I would recommend getting rid of it for the time being. There really isn’t much to earn gold from. Literally, there are two items that enhance mount speed and prevents you from being dismounted while running through mobs. Nothing to exciting.

The rest of the professions, however, all seem to have their own little ways of making a steady amount of gold. Herbalism I believe will be the best and Possibly mining or skinning. Who would have though Blizzard would make gathering professions profitable once again?

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