Tauren Questing Gold Guide- Mining and Herbalism – Mulgore



What to do:  Pick up herbalism and mining than you are ready to start.

Quests: Do these in order and follow the routes to obtain materials to sell on the Auction house.
1. Sharing the Land
2. Dangers of Windfury
3. Morin Cloudstalker
Mazzranche (Do while heading to #2)
Swoop Hunting (Do while heading to #2)
Poison Water (Do while heading to #2)
4. The Ranged Cavern
5. Supervisor Fizsprocket
6. The Venture Co.
7. Kyle’s gone Missing (Complete while turning in quests.)
8. Winterhoof Cleansing (No route for nodes, gather if you pass any)
9. The Restless Earth
10. Thunderhorn Totem
11. Thunderhorn Cleansing
12. Rite of Vision
13. Rite of Wisdom
14. A Sacred Burial
The Hunters Way (Do while working on #’s 12-14)
Wildmane Totem (Do while working on #’s 12-14)
15. Wildmane Cleansing

Mobs to Loot: Main item to loot, Linen Cloth
Palemane Tanner
Palemane Skinner
Venture Co. Worker
Venture Co. Supervisor
Venture Co. Taskmaster
Venture Co. Laborer
Grimtotem Straggler
Grimtotem Defiler
Grimtotem Vagubend
Windfury Harpy
Windfury Wind Witch
Battleback Interloper
Windfury Sorceress
Windfury Matriarch

Rares: Be sure to be on the look out for rares while you quest!

Materials: Save these to add to the Auction house!
1. Silverleaf
2. Peacebloom
3. Earth Root
   Ores and Stones: 
1. Copper Ore
2. Rough Stone
     1. Linen Cloth
You have two choices with the linen cloth, you can either save it and send it to an alt you plan on leveling and go enchanting on it than use the Linen Cloth Shuffle. If you don’t want to do that or don’t plan on leveling an enchanter that you can sell it on the Auction house for a decent amount of gold.

Profession Giver:  If you don’t already know where the profession giver is, find a guard and he will surely tell you!

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