Blasted Lands – Felcloth And Arcane Crystal | Golden Route

The commented route is the pink-ish one.

Blasted lands is a place full of demons, portals and thorium. The combination of those three can get you a whole bunch of gold if you follow this route.

The route starts close to the Dark Portal, that’s where you should kill Felguard Sentries, because some of them are yielding felcloths and sometimes some transmog you can easily sell. Next, you should follow the route west, to the unnamed land where you can find infernals – those also sometimes can give you cloth.

After finishing up all of those, you should head even more west, to the Tainted Forest, that’s where you can find most of the thorium and some more demons. The veins there are always going to be rich, so you have a high chance of getting arcane crystals out of them, they can be pretty expensive on many servers.

After reaching south of The Tainted Forest and gathering all of thorium on your way there, you should come back to The Dark Portal by the east side of the forest, you should find some more veins there. Most mobs should respawn before you get there, but if they don’t you should just wait for a while and they will so you can start the route again.

For more details about the route be sure to check out the youtube video linked below.

From this route you can get:

  • 2-5 Felcloth/lap(around 5 minutes)
  • A whole bunch of thorium ore
  • Chance of getting arcane crystals
  • Some extra green transmog

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