Dread wastes is one of the darkest looking zones in Pandaria, separated from Valley of Four Winds by a giant wall, however it’s also a very good place for gold farmes – it’s full of ghost iron ore and trillium ore which are pretty expensive.

You can start farming this route wherever you want since it’s a lap, for the sake of explaining it I’d start in Kypari Vor, the part of the route that’s the furthest away to the North. The route takes about 4 minutes so you can as well start in a place where you don’t mind spending an additional minute waiting for ores to respawn.

So let’s start with the route itself – if you start in Kypari Vor, you should head south-ish west. You can keep close to the darker part of the map. Be sure to look at your minimap at all times not to miss any trillium or ghost iron ore. After reaching the top of the giant tree on the map, you should start heading east.

After some time of heading east you should reach the “borders” of Terrace of Gurthan. That’s where you should head a little south and then to the west until you reach Klaxxi’vess, that’s where you should head south again. Now go east along the darker part of the map, you can go all the way to the wall with Valley of Four Winds.

Now things get a lot simpler, you should just head north-east back to Terrace of Gurthan and then north-west to Kypari Vor, where we started this lap. If the route took you less than 5 minutes (which it probably did) you might want to wait an additional minute so all the ores have a chance to respawn. You can spend this time smelting your precious ghost iron ore if you intend to do it anyway.

For more details about the route be sure to check out the youtube video linked below.

From this route you can get:

  • ~35 ghost iron ore/lap
  • Some trillium ore (based on your luck)
  • A bunch of additional stuff from world bosses etc. in Pandaria (if you have an addon that marks them for you)

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