This new Pokemon buddy overhaul has been a well needed change to the game. This new update will completely change the way you choose your buddy Pokemon from now on! Here is what you need to know about the new update and buddy system coming to Pokemon GO.

Buddy Cameos

Image result for pokemon go photobomb"

There isn’t anything certain on what this feature means just yet, but it appears your buddy Pokemon will be able to photobomb you during your adventures? Again, not sure what this entitles but surely we will find out more information as more comes out.


Buddy Levels???

This isn’t quiet what you may be thinking when you first see levels to your favorite buddy Pokemon. As nice as it would be to continuously level up your buddy Pokemon and be rewarded even more for walking your buddy. It appears there will only be 5 levels to this new leveling system for the time being. Surely once Niantic see’s how this system will play out. They will add more levels if it’s in their favor.

Buddy Emotions 

Image result for pokemon go buddy levels"

Your buddy Pokemon will now have feelings. You will be able to feed it, give it gifts, do quests with it and so on. This new Buddy system will surely make it feel like you have a Pokemon following you at all times. Maybe because this new system will do just that? Your buddy Pokemon won’t only have emotions. It will also follow you around!



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