Sunwell Plateau Gold Value

Hello everyone! Today marks the first day I start my project for average gold per zone. We decided to go ahead and start off small. Like super small and went with the Isle of Quel’Danas. There isn’t much that goes on in this zone. You have some herbs to pick, some ore to mine, but no mobs to skin.

It was a tough decision at first for where we should start this fun little journey. So I thought to myself, it would be better to save force spawns for my partner in crime and me to cover together. That left either, mining, The dungeon, or the raid. So I went ahead and choose Sunwell Plateau. Boy was it a great experience!

My first run did super well. I picked up 3 BoE (bind on equipt) patterns and recipes. However, we weren’t really after anything so the numbers from patterns and other useless stuff didn’t matter to me. I was mainly farming it to get an average gold for the raid. Which that average turns out to be 73,908 Gold Per lockout!

In this photo above, you can see me disenchanting the greens I had gotten from the raid. Don’t worry they are worthless so disenchanting them is a must if you want to max out your gold per hour in this raid! After disenchanting 154 pieces of transmog. I ended up with 312 Arcane dust (~2600 Gold), 82 Greater Planar Essence (~82 Gold), and 2 Large Prismatic Shards (~40 Gold).

This isn’t the only big thing to worry about when it comes to maximizing your gold farming in the Sunwell Plateau. There are epic gems that drop from here as well! You don’t want just any old gem though. The big-ticket item you are after for gems will be the Crimson Spinel selling for about 500 Gold per unit! Yes, that is right!

There are more things that drop here that are note-worthy but until we collect more data that is all for now :).

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