Where To Farm Cobra Scales WoW Dragonflight

I made this Cobra Scales farming guide to assist out gamers who need to farm the leathers as an alternative of buying them from the Auction House.

There have been no major modifications to Cobra Scales drop charges, so this guide can be utilized for Burning Crusade Classic (TBC) and Retail WoW. But, when you play Retail WoW, it’s best to learn Outland Skinning from Seymour in Shattrath City earlier than they begin farming, or you’ll get fewer leathers.


Cobra Scales


Killing Twilight Serpents in Nagrand is the very best and best method to farm Cobra Scales. You need to be careful with the roaming elites, however with some follow, you can just about keep away from pulling any further mobs.

The only annoying factor about this place is the patroling owls that may put you in fight then run away. Don’t attempt to kill them, you’ll get out of fight after some time!

Route Provided by Golden Routes


Shadowmoon Valley

The only different to Nagrand is the Coilskar Cobras and Shadow Serpents in Shadowmoon Valley. These three are the only mobs that drop Cobra Scales.

Step by step how I farm:

  • 1. Kill the Coilskar Cobras in entrance of the cave. (do not go contained in the cave)
  • 2. Kill the Cobras on the marked space.
  • 3. Fly over to the sting of the map and kill any Shadow Serpents you discover there.
  • 4. Start flying towards 4., whereas checking if the cobras respawned at 1. If they did, then you can basically repeat this loop, and do not go to 4. But, in the event that they did not respawn, go to 4. and kill any Shadow Serpents you see, then return to 1. (you can additionally simply trip on 4.)

One actually necessary factor to know is that Shadow Serpents share spawn points with the Scorchshell Pincers. If you do not see any Serpents, you must begin killing the Scorpions!


You can even farm the Coilskar Cobras contained in the cave. But, I’d only suggest this when you have stealth or actually good gear. (or somebody already took each farming place) There are quite a lot of mobs contained in the cave and you’ll waste greater than half your time killing the opposite mobs.


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