World of Warcraft Speed Set for Farming Druid

Looking to make a World of Warcraft Speed Set for a Farming Druid? This guide should help you understand everything you need to know about increasing your base movement speed making your character roughly 200% BMS un-mounted.

This guide was last updated for Shadowlands Patch 9.2.

Table of Contents

What is a Speed Set?

Speed Sets are a specific set of items that make your character go fast, sometimes REAL fast. The focus here is to collect as much gear as possible which increases your Base Movement Speed.

Creating a Character + Speed Set

First you’re going to need a Druid, the race isn’t the most important, however some races have benefits that are slightly better when gold farming.

Best Race : Zandalari Troll
Reason :  Embrace of Gonk

Viable Races

Night Elves – due to Quickness, also being able to Shadowmeld slow mobs helps situationally.
Worgens – Have the racial Darkflight

Now that we’ve created our druid, let’s work towards getting him to level 60 once there you’re going to want to become a Night Fae for the Soulshape ability, and you’re going to want to select the conduit Tireless Pursuit, which is a Finesse Conduit.

Speed Set Professions?

Professions… there’s some things you’re going to want to get for speed sets. So I recommend picking up Northrend Jewelcrafting and picking up figurine – ruby hare. This trinket comes with 2 sockets, and can be upgraded to Item Level 54  using a Relic of The Past V making it one of the best options for speed set druids.

You’re also going to want to add these two gems into the sockets of that trinket. Straddling Sage Agate, which increases your base-movement speed by 5% and Straddling Viridium which gives a 3% base movement speed increase.

Jewelcrafting comes with an additional bonus for gold farming, as such you’ll unlock (no-pun indentended) Jeweled Lockpick, these come from leveling legion jewelcrafting. Lockpicks will allow you to open locked chest inside of dungeons.

Gear for BEST Speed Set

For the Head, Shoulder, and Chest you’re going to want to have the Longstrider trait active, and when available take On My Way trait as well.

Gonk Outrunner Mask (Obtained from World Quests in BFA or Azerite Armor  Caches)
Flashpowder hood (Drops from the last boss in Tol Dagor / Mythic Difficulty)

Heart of Azeroth – Your necklace, with the Ripple in Space Rank 3 Essence.

Fathomstalker Shoulderpads –  Purchase these Shoulders in Nazjatar for 5 Prismatic Manapearl.

Fathomstalker Wraps – You can buy this Benthic Wrap in Nazjatar for 5 Prismatic Manapearl.

Oath of the Elder Druid

Hands, Waist & Legs

Before purchasing these you’re going to want to make sure the items boost your overall item level, contain a primary stat of Critical Strike Rating and a tertiary of Speed.

After reaching 200% Movement Speed, the Critical Strike Rating from these pieces will boost your speed from the Longstrider trait applied on our Chest, Shoulder and Helmet.

How to find Speed Gear?

There’s a great way of searching for these items, you can head over to The Undermine Journal and on the sidebar click the option that says “Minor Stats” on this page, you’ll be able to see all auction house listings with the Speed tertiary on your realm.

If you find one with a socket, and speed snag that immediately, and stock those sockets full of critical strike gems.


Your feet need to have a level of 50 or lower or you won’t be able to apply the Enchantment
Enchant boots – Minor Speed to  them. This enchant gives you a whooping 10% BASE movement speed increase.

There’s plenty of items from BFA that should fit the mold for being able to wear this enchant, make sure before purchasing them that they contain Critical Strike Rating, and the Speed tertiary.

Masterful Phaedrum Ring
Quick Oxxein Ring
Muirnne’s Stormforged Signet
Tarnished Insignia of Quel’Thalas

Figurine – Ruby Hare
Young Drake’s Impulse


You can use basically any weapon you’d like here, however the same logic we’ve been following applies High Critical Strike / Speed tertiary. I recommend you stick with Staffs. (You can also just get any level 50 weapon, and throw Wind Walking enchant on it)

Cloak -> Enchant cloak – Gift of Critical Strike
Boots -> Enchant boots – Minor Speed
Rings -> Enchant Ring – Tenet of Critical Strike
Bracers -> Enchant Bracers – Eternal Intellect
Weapon -> Deadly Navigation / or Wind Walking if level 50.

1 x Straddling Viridium
1 x Straddling Sage Agate
1 x Straddling Jewel Doublet
Rest x Deadly jewel cluster

Pretty much everything you’re going to need to know about getting started with a speed set was listed in this guide for you guys, this guide was composed of information shared by Gaffe. Enjoy!

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