You may have been farming in this location in a group of 4 with another group of 4.

If so you are probably wondering “What to do with all this useless cloth” Well, I have two options for you! Give it all to me, or turn it all into bags. Preferably the bags options rather than giving it all to me. Mostly because there is more gold to be made that way.

This farm yields a stupid amount of tattered wildercloth, wildercloth, and Wilder cloth bolts it’s not even funny. No really. Check the Auction house for the clothes. It’s so cheap right now, if only there was something you could do with it.

Oh wait, that’s what I’m here for. So you can either farm or buy this thought to be useless cloth off the Auction House. With the Price of Wildercloth bolts being around 4 gold per unit, and tattered wilderness cloth being in the silvers. You can easily make a reagent bag or a normal bag for super cheap. I’m talking 40-60 gold per bag!

If you thought that was crazy, wait until you hear how much I’ve been selling these bag boys for! Around 250 gold per unit! That’s right, they are selling for more than triple their cost value.


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