You may be wondering “when on earth is the best time to be selling stuff at the Auction house?” Well, I got news for you because today we are going to talk about how I don’t have a clue when the best time to post on the auction house is but we can certainly take a guess. Hi there I’m golden routes and today we will be taking a look at when you should be posting auctions and when you shouldn’t be. 

To start things off with, the auction house is now regional so you can’t go based on each server. Now you have to go based on the region you are in. My auction house is part of the US region so we will primarily focus on that region. 

So where do we even start? Well, how I imagine the best time for posting works is when most amounts of the players are on at a given time. For this to happen we must take a look at the whole region and figure out just when everyone is off work, home from school, or just home in general. 

How do we figure something like this out? There are multiple time zones that seem impossible. Well, it may seem impossible but the Truth of it is all we have to do is find the time when most people are home from everything they need to be doing. That time is normally around 3-5 pm So keep that in mind while we go through the different time zones. That time up there will stay the same no matter which timezone you are in. However, it takes place at different times in different time zones. 

What I mean by this is, when it is 8pm eastern time it is 5pm Pst. So what we need to figure out is what time makes it between the hours of 3-5 pst. I live in eastern time so It makes it easier for me to calculate in fact we already have our answer. Most people will be on the game around 8 pm eastern time, 7pm Central time, 6 pm Mountain, and lastly 5 pm pst. 

There is a slight issue with this though. While Accurate for the most part. We are forgetting a huge part of the time that could allow us to make even more gold. That time is what day of the week. Thankfully we haven’t missed our shot yet. As Tuesday is the day blizzard resets everything. Meaning people will be at it again trying to get the recipes and everything they need for their professions to max them out. Meaning they will most likely go to the AH To buy the materials they need. 
On top of that this Tuesday is when they open their first raid to Dragonflight. Meaning everyone will be buying materials to get raid ready. So Let me ask you guys this, can you guess what the best time to post on the auction house is after learning all this information? Let me know in the comments below what you think and I will correct you if you are wrong.

Be sure to check out my website which is full of routes and their import strings but for now, that is all thanks for watching, and hope you have a great rest of your day.


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