Primal Air Route 1

This is different from my other mote farming locations. Instead of being in one spot, using a server hopping addon. I decided to try and make a route. This route is in Nagrand and works really well for those who have the Zapthrottle Mote Extractor.

After farming this route for 10 minutes and seeing all the clouds I couldn’t loot. I decide to get an engineer to test this spot and the results were much greater! Still, this spot isn’t bad because you should average around anywhere from 15-24 primals per hour.


Shadowmoon Valley Rares And Their Valuable Drops Plus Material Route


These rares all have around an eight hour respawn timer and may not always be up during the time you use this route. This route was created to help those who still need these rares or even want to farm them. Mining and herbalism are preferred if you plan to make gold from this route. It easily yields 5k gold per hour just from herbalism and mining.

Collidus The Warp-Watcher:

Emerald Beholder Eye – Average server Price 13,601 gold

Amethyst Beholder Eye – Average server Price 11,117 gold

Crimson Beholder Eye – Average server Price 20,609 gold

Fiery Beholder Eye – Average server Price 16,112 gold


Ambassador Jerrikar:

Illidari Bracers – Average server Price 7,359 gold

Illidari Wristguards – Average server Price 9,305 gold

Illidari Vambraces – Average server Price 839 gold

Illidari Bindings – Average server Price 376 gold



Abyssal Mail Greaves – Average server Price 7,495 gold

Abyssal Cloth Footwraps – Average server Price 7,989 gold

Abyssal Plate Sabatons – Average server Price 2,707 gold

Abyssal Leather Treads – Average server Price 12,353 gold

Materials listed on next page


World of Warcraft Primal Life Uses

There are 71 uses for Primal Life, here is a list of a few, an updated list will come as I have ran out of time. These are some of the most common uses (mostly trasnmog) recipes that use Primal Life. Depending on your server, this material can sell anywhere from 10g to 300g. Stay in touch for ways to make more from the auction house, selling Primal Life.


Major Healing- Greater Planar Essence 6x, Large Prismatic Shard 6x, Primal Life 6x

Major Healing- Large Prismatic Shard 8x, Primal Water 8x, Primal Life 8x

Superior Healing- Greater Planar Essense 4x, Primal Life 4x

Threat- Small Prismatic Shard 4x, Greater Planar Essense 2x, Primal Life 8x


Enchanting Page 1, Leatherworking Page 2, Blacksmithing Page 3, Tailoring Page 4


World Of Warcraft: Primal Life Farming Locations Part 1

To get here, go to Zangarmarsh and head to the center of the map, there you will find pipes of some sort sticking out of the water. If you go in the middle of them there will be a small tunnel that leads to a raid and a few dungeons. Once you get here head to The Underbog!

This run is fairly simple. You can run it on heroic which is what I did, because all you do is pull the first room of mobs. Don’t worry about heading up because then it’s just a waste of time.

9 minutes of farming gave me 50 motes! Which is 30 primals per hour, along with some nice rep and if you are an herbalist or Skinner this is the place for you.


Linen Cloth Shuffle

First things first, check you auction house and see what the current price is for strange dust if it’s about 1g 50s per dust than you would want to check and see what the going rate of linen cloth is, I generally like to keep it around 10-15s per cloth. It takes two cloth to make one bolt meaning you can buy bolts at around 20-30s each if they ever get low enough in your auction house.


From there it is all up to you rather you want to save the cloth you buy until you get a large some of bolts taking up space in your inventory or if you want to go ahead and start the shuffle. Personally, I like holding onto the cloth until a get a bit just because I don’t like posting in small amounts. Depending on how much dust I have I will typically post in stacks of 5 which I’m changing to 20 here after a finish my large shuffle of many different types of cloth >.<.

Okay so whenever you are ready to begin your tedious ways of gold making you will want to craft Brown Linen Pants which takes two bolts and one coarse thread to make after your inventory is full or once you are done crafting you will want to begin disenchanting which I use Trade skill master for destroying and mailbox… Haven’t figured out how to use it for posting yet, I use auctioneer at the moment for prices. Any gear you craft with linen only yield you about 1-2 dusts per and same with the essences.

The Total amount of gold you spend though to make these is 60s which your profit would be around 40s-2g. It’s a small profit but its a profit.

Farming Guides on the next page(s). More will come as I update/find more locations